How It Works

Export Credit Insurance empowers you to meet, or beat, your competitors by winning new customers and increasing sales to existing buyers. The process is simple: after you’ve agreed to credit terms with your international buyer, you ship the product and invoice them. Next you report the shipment to EXIM & pay your premium. After the agreed upon time, your buyer pays. If they fail to do so, EXIM pays.

Business Benefits

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Risk Reduction

Safeguard against catastrophic losses from buyer nonpayment: Export Credit Insurance covers up to 95 percent of sales invoices.

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Improve Liquidity

Lenders are more likely to include foreign receivables and inventory in your borrowing base when those receivables are insured, giving you access to additional financing and improving cash flow.

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Increase Competitiveness

Offer buyers the credit terms necessary to expand into new markets and boost sales with existing customers with confidence. In turn, buyers do not need to pay cash in advance and hinder their cash flow.

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Credit Management Expertise

Ease the burden of credit risk management by leveraging EXIM’s international expertise.

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Flexible Coverage

Whether you need to cover a single buyer, a few buyers, or your entire export portfolio, EXIM has a policy to fit your needs.

Learn More:

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Find your perfect fit: compare the features and requirements of EXIM's various Export Credit Insurance policies.

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