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Work with us to bring more jobs to the communities you serve

The Regional Export Promotion Program (REPP) brings state, county, and local nonprofit economic development entities together with EXIM in partnership designed to expand export opportunities.

These entities have the local market knowledge and the ability to personally reach companies selling internationally. Meanwhile, EXIM offers trade finance products and expertise specifically tailored to support U.S.-based companies selling internationally. Yet EXIM has a limited regional staff and travel budget. By cooperating and pooling strengths, we can accomplish together what neither could do alone. Importantly, more jobs will be created and sustained with our REPP Members’ outreach. They know the local businesses, and can advise them on how EXIM’s products can enable them to increase their sales.

An alliance with EXIM has huge potential. Supporting exports also helps create desirable jobs in your community. Exporters generally offer higher wages and are 30 percent more likely to stay in business than non-exporters. That means a stable and expanding tax base in your local community.

Examples of eligible Members include state, county, city governments (either directly or indirectly funded); local nonprofit economic development entities funded through universities or colleges; Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), and world trade centers. Members represent large exporting states such as California, Washington, Texas, and Florida as well as smaller territories such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

EXIM will provide:

  • All the essential support and resources your organization needs, including training and marketing materials at no cost
  • Highly qualified trade-finance specialists to speak at your events
  • One-on-one trade finance counseling and support for exporters
  • Use of EXIM logo on joint marketing materials
  • Free admission to EXIM-sponsored events (i.e. Annual Conference)
  • Assistance with joint marketing and joint outreach campaigns

REPP members (expectations):

  • Expand your current mission in promoting, creating and growing U.S. exports in your region by making available trade-related assistance and international expansion services. We need our Partners to increase the number of small business transactions.
  • Keep current with EXIM products and services.
  • Put exporters in touch with EXIM trade-finance specialists.
  • Maintain at least one qualified, trained representative dedicated to promoting EXIM.
  • Organize at least 3 trade finance/EXIM events and refer at least 10 small business exporters to EXIM per year.
  • Report events and referrals regularly online.

Products to Grow Small Businesses

EXIM is open for business in over 180 countries and offers a line of products that meets the financing needs of companies seeking to increase their international sales and compete more effectively.

Working Capital 
Lender Loan Guarantee provides guarantees to lenders of working capital loans to U.S. companies for fulfilling international sales orders and improving cash flow.

Export Credit Insurance 
Covers the risk of buyer nonpayment, allowing U.S. exporters to extend “open account” credit terms to their foreign buyers. This product provides a marketing advantage to exporters transitioning from selling on cash-inadvance or letters of credit.

Medium-Term Financing 
This product supports competitive term financing to aid foreign buyers purchasing U.S. capital goods or services.

Express Insurance 
Simplifies small business exporters’ access to credit insurance, and makes it easier for them to obtain financing on those receivables. The product’s streamlined application provides an insurance policy quotation and buyer credit decisions in an expedited time frame.

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We make the application process straightforward. Once approved as a REPP member, we will train your staff at one of our regional offices or at our Washington, DC, headquarters. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to working with you. You can reach a regional specialist at 800.565.3946 or email us at