As a part of EXIM's process on Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns, customers, organizations, and individuals may request or submit information regarding a specific project, and provide feedback on environmental and social issues.  

The following public registry provides a transparent process around project-specific complaints that seek resolution to direct and significant adverse environmental and/or social impacts.  In order to protect anonymity, complaints may be withheld from the public registry at the request of the submitter.

The public registry provides a brief description of the nature of the requested action, the status of EXIM's action, and a summary of action taken to resolve or "close" the identified environmental or social compliance issue. If you would like to submit a concern or complaint, please visit here.  If you would like to submit a request under the Freedom of Information Act, please visit here.

Project Name and location Location EXIM Ref. No. Date concern or complaint received Action Requested Status Action taken or being taken
Sasan Ultra-Mega Coal-Fueled Power Project India AP084337 October 2015 Compliance Review regarding Concerns for worker safety Closed Assessment conducted. Project taking measures to improve enforcement of safety regime. Enhanced level of compliance monitoring implemented.