Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns provides a process for customers, organizations, and individuals to request or submit information regarding a specific project, and provides feedback on environmental and social issues. It establishes a formal timeline for response, allowing EXIM staff to promptly receive inquiries and engage in appropriate follow-up action. 

Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns is the appropriate process for making project-specific concerns, project information requests, or the submission of any information about a particular project. For general inquiries about EXIM Environmental and Social Due Diligence Procedures and Guidelines, please contact the Engineering & Environment (E&E) Division’s Office (+1 202.565.3570). You can submit information through the online form below, in English, here. For an unofficial translation of this page using an external translator, please select a language in the box above.

Please use this form to submit any concerns.

For more details on our process and confidentiality, please see the information below:

All submitted information is subject to a request under the Freedom of Information Act, discovery request and/or under the Trade Secrets Act.

What is the process?

Environmental and Social Project Information and Concerns provides a transparent and reliable process that establishes a formal timeline for response. It involves inter-divisional collaboration of the Engineering and Environment Division, the Office of General Counsel (OGC) and other relevant divisions, and provides an independent point of contact for outside parties. Please click here for a chart illustrating this process. We highly recomend that before making a request for information, you check to see what may be availble on our projects and transactions pages.

Please note that a one-time request for information about a particular project is not a subscription for any subsequent monitoring reports on the project.

Who can make a request or submission?

Anyone can request or submit information and/or share their concerns about projects that may or have received export financing support from EXIM Bank. You can also submit information or concerns about a project that has not yet been approved by EXIM Bank. We will consider the information or concerns you provide as part of our review.

You can submit information anonymously without providing your name or contact information. All requests and submissions must be in English. If you require translation, please use an external translator such as this. Any and all responses will be in English.

What issues can be raised?

  • Information requests. You can request information about projects such as environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) or environmental and social monitoring reports.
  • Information submissions. You can submit environmental and social information about a particular project, including documents, pictures or written descriptions.
  • Complaints and concerns. You can submit any environmental and social issues, complaints and concerns related to a specific project.

What information is needed?

Please fill out the submission form above. If you are submitting through email, please include the following: Name and contact information; information that would help us to identify the particular project, such as the project name and/or location; and the description of your concern.

Confidentiality and Anonymous submissions

You can choose to submit anonymously by choosing that option from the drop-down menu. Anonymous submissions will be accepted and reviewed. However, we are unable to provide a response due to lack of contact information.

All submitted information is subject to disclosure to third parties pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and other federal information disclosure law and regulation. Sensitive business information is protected from disclosure under these authorities.

What happens after you submit?

All submissions through our online submission form will be acknowledged usually within three working days. Follow-up communication will depend on the type and complexity of the issue.

  • Information requests. These requests include Environmental and/or Social Management Plans, and environmental and social monitoring reports. You may be asked for additional information for follow-up action. We will respond with links to or electronic copies of available documents which we are permitted to disclose, usually within 30 days (some requests may take additional time to process).
  • Information submission. Information submitted regarding a particular project will be received and forwarded to the relevant EXIM Bank transaction team member(s) for review. You may be contacted if additional details are needed.
  • Complaints and concerns. These are environmental and social complaints and concerns related to a specific project. Your submission will be reviewed and forwarded to the transaction team, who will generally contact you within 30 days. Follow-up action(s) may vary depending on the complexity of the issue. In some cases, additional information may be required.

Learn more at the EXIM Bank and the Environment page. If you are unable to use the form above, please send an email, in English, with as much detailed information as possible, to EnviroResponseCoord@exim.gov.