This new program is designed to benefit U.S. manufacturers exporting new capital equipment to a network of their foreign dealers. EXIM's support is intended to encourage their dealers to buy and place more U.S. equipment on their floor plans.

It provides medium-term support to address a growing need for dealer's floor plan financing of eligible U.S. manufactured equipment meeting EXIM's medium-term U.S. content requirements. Dealer financing fills a gap as foreign buyers experience financial limitations and high costs in their respective local markets, especially now due to limited funds caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dealer financing will benefit U.S. companies that manufacture equipment in a variety of industries such as construction, trucking, mining, agriculture, food processing, power and gas, aviation, and recreational vehicles.

Dealer Requirements

The financing supports foreign distributors of brand name, ready to sell, new U.S.-manufactured capital goods that:

  • Have at least five-year experience as a distributor for the U.S. manufacturers.
  • Meet acceptable credit risk based on medium-term criteria.
  • Are in good standing as a distributor with the U.S. manufacturer.


  • Amount: $350,000 to $5 million but larger amounts may be considered.
  • Financed portion: The lesser of 80 percent of the U.S. equipment invoices or 100 percent of U.S. content. Dealer pays exporter a 20 percent down payment due to before shipment.
  • Availability: Drawdown period available up to 12 months, but non-revolving. Each disbursement tranche will be a separate note up to the approved commitment amount.
  • Term: 21 months.
  • Grace period: Nine months for principal.
  • Amortization: During the grace period three quarterly interest-only payments followed by four quarterly principal plus interest installments.
  • Prepayment: Mandatory prepayment of the portion of the loan financed and then sold by the dealer, within 30 days. EXIM will consider a longer repayment term if justified. Under certain conditions/circumstances, EXIM may waive the mandatory prepayment and allow the dealer to on-lend to a third party end-user/buyer on terms not to exceed the tenor of the existing note in which the equipment was purchased (dealer will not transfer ownership of the collateral until the EXIM supported financing is paid in full).
  • Exposure fee: Two-year, medium-term exposure fee pricing
  • Collateral: Negative pledge on the equipment. However, a security interest may be required for certain markets and depending on the credit profile of the dealer.
  • Lender: Funding to be provided by pre-approved EXIM lenders under medium-term financing

Note: PPE and spare parts do not qualify for this program.

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