EXIM Bank can support exports to foreign non-military security forces given extra administrative review. Such security forces include private security services (such as security guards), as well as non-military government security forces such as local police, transportation police, or federal police. For EXIM's policy regarding exports to foreign militaries, please see the military policy page.

Foreign Non-Military Security Forces Policy

EXIM is able to support exports to foreign non-military security forces, subject to the following:

State Department Review: All sales of goods and services to a foreign non-military security force are reviewed by the State Department. The review centers around whether the potential buyer is a security force implicated in Human Rights abuses. If the state department determines that the buyer is implicated in Human Rights abuses, EXIM may decline to support the transaction.

Upon acceptance of your application, EXIM will coordinate with the State Department to initiate the State Department managed review. The State Department review must be performed before EXIM provides any support, and the review process generally takes 15-30 days if all appropriate information is provided in a timely manner. The more detailed information provided on the buyer, the faster the process may occur. The review can run concurrently with EXIM Bank's normal steps in transaction processing.

Examples of EXIM Supported exports to Foreign Non-Military Security Forces

Examples of previously supported exports to foreign non-military security forces include: clothes, food, office supplies, transportation equipment, and communications equipment.

For more information call EXIM's Engineering and Environment at (202)565-3570