Build Black Better through Exporting 1st Edition

When: Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 10:58am - 10:58am
Where: Online - ZOOM

In celebration of Black History month, the US Export-Import (EXIM) Bank is partnering with the US Black Chambers and the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) to provide US Black Owned Businesses information about the resources available to help them expand their market outside of the states. Exporting is a great opportunity for enterprises to grow their portfolio. EXIM and other partners like the MBDA are strategically placed to give businesses the tools and protection they need as they compete for new contracts in foreign markets.

Black businesses have faced many hardships in the past year including Loss of Revenue, Temporary Closure, Reduced Budget, and Cut Down Wages. Given those obstacles, black businesses can take advantage of looking to foreign trade. As such, the event would provide them with the opportunity to learn about:

  • Credit insurance to protect against non-payment
  • Access to capital for exporting
  • Opportunities with the US Black Chambers

The format style is a conversation between EXIM, US Black Chambers, and MBDA to discuss all the tools that exist between those entities that would enable black owned businesses to export.

EXIM has a dedicated group of specialists who work with minority, women, veteran, disabled-owned, and underserved businesses (MWOBs) to help them access EXIM financing. To connect with an EXIM specialist, please email us at