October 1, 2000 to September 30, 2001

I. Basic Information
























I. A.


II.  How to Make a FOIA Request (See Attachment, Sec. 404.4)










Ex-Im Bank most commonly withholds documents pursuant to FOIA exemptions (b)(4) and (5).

III. Definitions of Terms and Acronyms Used in the Report




IV. Exemption 3 Statutes

  1. Brief description of type(s) of information withheld under each statute. N/A
  2. Statement of whether a court has upheld the use of each statute. If so, then cite example N/A

V. Initial FOIA/PA Access Requests

  1. Number of requests pending as of end of preceding fiscal year 2
  2. Number of requests received during current fiscal year 116
  3. Number of requests processed during current fiscal year 110
  4. Number of requests pending as of end of current fiscal year 8
  5. Number of total grants 45
  6. Number of partial grants 25
  7. Number of denials 2
  1. Other reasons for nondisclosure (total) 38

VI. Appeals of Initial Denials of FOIA/PA Requests

  1. Number of appeals received during fiscal year 7
  2. Number of appeals processed during fiscal year 7

B. Disposition of appeals

  1. Number completely upheld 3
  2. Number partially reversed 4
  3. Number completely reversed 0
  1. Other reasons for nondisclosure (total) 0

VII. Compliance with Time Limits/Status of Pending Requests

  1. Simple requests
  1. Complex requests 
  1. Requests accorded expedited processing 0

B. Status of pending requests

  1. Number of requests pending as of end of current fiscal year 8
  2. Median number of days that such requests were pending as of that date 10

VIII. Comparisons with Previous Years (optional)

IX. Costs/FOIA Staffing

  1. Number of full-time FOIA personnel 1.0
  2. Number of personnel with part-time or occasional FOIA duties (in total work-        years) .15
  3. Total number of personnel (in work-years) 1.15


  1. FOIA processing (including appeals) $83,000
  2. Litigation-related activities (estimated) -0-
  3. Total costs $83,000
  4. Comparison with previous year(s)(including percentage of change)(optional)




X. Fees